3 Torre Lorenzo - AMENITIES

3 Torre Lorenzo is a beautiful residential establishment that offers resort-like amenities and features to its occupants. The various amenities are planned to keep the comfort of all the age groups in mind. 

There is a large swimming pool accommodated in 3 Torre Lorenzo for the use of the residents so that in order to take a relaxing dip in the cool water one needn't require stepping out of their home. This allows the residents to stay well within their residence while still enjoy the best possible features. 

3 Torre Lorenzo accommodates a well-designed and equipped fitness center so that the residents of the property can have their regular workout sessions without even stepping out of their home. Morning workout sessions generally consume a lot of time to travel to distant gymnasiums but while dwelling at 3 Torre Lorenzo one doesn't require spending any traveling time at all. Working out at the fitness center of 3 Torre Lorenzo is the best option for the residents which leads to saving a lot of their traveling time. 

Keeping the academics of kids in mind, 3 Torre Lorenzo has crafted a study lounge where the kids of the property can have some peaceful studying sessions each day. This peaceful ambiance helps the students to concentrate on their studies to the core.

A multiple purpose area is another interesting offering of 3 Torre Lorenzo where the residents can enjoy various activities of their choice with friends, family, and neighbors. There are a lot of recreational activities that can be hosted and executed in this multipurpose zone. 

The property also features the provision for a standby generator so that the residents can never face any hindrance due to power cuts and all the various daily chores can be carried out uninterruptedly. 

There are high-speed elevators incorporated within the property for the convenient commutation of the residents. 3 Torre Lorenzo also features a large parking zone which holds a capacity of parking one hundred and sixty-four vehicles. There are also forty-five additional parking slots available for the tenants of the retail stores so that none of the individuals face any hassles. 

All the various residential units of 3 Torre Lorenzo are provided with a smart card access that can be used by the owner of the unit. The units are ready to be moved in with all the required cable fittings so that immediate shifting can be provided without much of a problem. 

3 Torre Lorenzo also offers a 24x7 reception help that is solely present to help the residents and their guests. The property is also installed with fire and smoke detectors along with water sprinklers so that all the various fire breakouts can be prevented at the earliest. The property is also provided with CCTV Camera installations which further enhances the security of the property.

All in all, 3 Torre Lorenzo is a brilliant residential establishment that offers world-class amenities and features to its people which makes the property worthy of your hard earned savings.

  • Swimming Pool
  • Fitness Center
  • Study Lounge
  • Multi-Purpose Area
  • Standby Generator
  • High Speed Elevators
  • Smart Card Access
  • 24 Hour Reception
  • CCTV
  • Smoke Detector
  • Fire Sprinkler
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